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What is MAP?

Nonprofit drug distributors have played an important role in solving access to medicine challenges in developing countries around the world for many years.

IMAP has been created in response to the lack of access to essential CF medicines due to excessive pricing or monopoly exploitation from patent holders and profit-driven distributors. The high prices of many CF medicines have resulted in a lack of access in many countries across the Middle East and Africa. The MECFA Access Program, MAP, was created to facilitate access to essential CF therapies in  MECFA member countries.

What will MAP do for patients?

MECFA works with CF drug companies to negotiate the lowest prices possible for essential CF drugs. As a charity, we appeal to companies' philanthropic side and work in collaboration to ensure our CF patients have access to their life-saving drugs.

We partner with health ministries to register a short list of essential CF drugs and ensure access to these drugs at affordable prices.

How does MAP work?

Think of it as a CF essential therapies Buyers Club.

MECFA supplies essential CF therapies to participating countries.  Our list of therapies includes inhaled tobramycin, Dnase, inhaled hypertonic saline, CF vitamins, Colistin, and CF specific nebulizers.

  • MAP supplies CF essential therapies discounted to participating member countries.

  • MAP manages registration of theapries with health ministries and local advocates.

  • MAP manages orders from member countries directly with pharmaceutical partners, organizes import and transfers to participating countries.

  • MAP order from member countries are invoiced net 120 to