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MVW Nutritionals® and Lutrish Partner to Expand Nutritional Options for the Cystic Fibrosis Communit

Effective today, MVW Nutritionals is pleased to announce a partnership with the makers of Lutrish that enables CF Center Team Members and patients to make just one phone call to address nutritional needs. While increasing convenience for patients, it also shifts the administrative work involved in ordering, patient follow-up and refill management from CF Center team members to us, while enabling the Companies to reduce overall product cost and the cost of nutritional care.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (PRWEB) April 21, 2018

"While it's well accepted that effective nutrition remains a cornerstone in CF care, and with almost half of the 30,000 patients with cystic fibrosis receiving oral supplemental nutritional products, overcoming product-related barriers to care - access, coverage and adherence - can be challenging," offered Walters. "This new relationship with Lutrish is intended - through both product and service - to help in overcoming these barriers", he added.

"And the timing of this announcement," Lutrish President Jennifer Michael added, "could not be better with the addition of the Lutrish Vanilla flavor in early May, enabling us to offer both Chocolate and Vanilla Lutrish. We are excited about this partnership, and the opportunity to offer a new choice in CF nutritional care, and in a way that reduces overall cost to patients and families."

This non-exclusive partnership will expand the distribution of Lutrish, beyond current channels, and enable MVW Nutritionals to provide it's MVW Complete Formulation® Multivitamins, the MVW Complete Formulation® PROBIOTIC and Lutrish in a single shipment to patients and families. To support adherence, about 2 weeks before a patient is due to run out of their nutritionals, the MVW Nutritionals Customer Care Team will send a text to see if they are ready for another shipment.

A single shipment of nutritional products reduces the cost of shipping, a saving that will be passed on to patients and families to help with the overall cost of care.

Please contact MVW Nutritionals for information about this new service by calling (855) 236-8584 [CF-MULTI], or email

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