Our Strategy for Success

MECFA identified that a Strategic Plan detailing our strategy was vital to provide the organization with direction for decision making over the next 3 years, plus a blueprint for action by the management team.


The need for a Plan lies in recognition of both the internal environment of the organization with its increased project-based mission, its aim for financial security and the external environment where decision makers, funding agencies and donors require ever increasing accountability.


The Middle East Cystic Fibrosis Association focuses on; 


  • Increasing life expectancy and quality of life for CF patients regionally through improved access to CF Care Centers, Standards of Care and access to necessary drugs and equipment.

  • Supporting research and clinical trials in the region;

  • Increasing awareness about CF and Rare Disease in the region.

Key Activities of MECFA


We have identified four major activity areas of the organization:

  1.  Support the development of CF Care Centers – CF Specialist teams.

  2.  Offer education and information in the treatment of cystic fibrosis and advance awareness in the region.

  3.  Support early diagnosis and genotyping.   

  4. Support programs that will open access to essential therapies.                 

  5.  Initiate, advance and support research and clinical trials in the region.

Target Population

The current target population is medical/health professionals, health officials, people with CF and their families in the Middle East.



MECFA is supported by membership fees, events, donations and grants from corporate and private sectors. 

Support Zahra's run for Palestine CF patients.

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