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 2019/20 Impact Report
Improving Middle East CF patients health outcomes 

Where we focused in 2019/20

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Countries where we had impact in 2019

Giving CF patients a fighting chance

At MECFA, we believe that even small acts of generosity can create lasting change in CF patient's lives, their families, and their communities. Ultimately, transforming the future of patients in the region.

Our extraordinary beginning proves the point. Four years ago, in 2016, a group of dedicated pulmonologists took up the collective challenge to improve care for CF patients in the MENA region.  In fact, they were so compelled by the suffering of patients, they had privately begun to support the most vulnerable by offering free care and donating essential drugs. They were responsible for organizing the first CF conference ever held in the Middle East in 2007. They had boldly taken on their health ministries lobbying on behalf of patients and fought to develop CF centers in their hospitals.  Our founding clinicians paved the way for a brighter, healthier, and happier future of CF patients in MENA.  Their cause was saving patients and relieving suffering. A cause that soon became the first regional CF focused charity and continues to inspire our work to this day. In an ever-changing world, thanks to supporters like you, we’re changing hundreds of CF patients' lives! 

So how many lives did we change last year? In 2019, we educated over 300 clinicians from 8 countries, including a pivotal pilot education exchange program that will lead to the first US standard CF Center in the region. Hundreds of patients who are treated in Centers where we provided training for CF care teams have improved health outcomes. Our focus on providing diagnostics will ensure early diagnosis and early intervention for thousands of patients. We continue to advocate for change on behalf of all patients for access to essential therapies and specialized care. Patients whose lives are better, whose futures are brighter, because of your actions, your generous support, your commitment to our shared cause. 

In gratitude, we invite you to review this special annual report, which not only highlights our 2019 achievements and reports on our financials but also recognizes our supporters and commemorates our year of success. 

We look forward to 2020 and hope you will continue with us on our journey to help people with Cystic Fibrosis in the Middle East and Africa. 

On behalf of MECFA,

Christine Noke, CEO

Medical and Scientific Committee

Prof. Ibrahim Janahi, Qatar

Dr. Nisreen Rumman, Palestine

Prof. Hussein Alkindi, Oman

Prof. Bulent Karadag, Turkey

A Year in Pictures

The 3rd Middle East CF Conference MECFC 2019 

took place in Istanbul at the Sisili Marriott Hotel on March 21-23rd. The conference theme was "Working towards Optimal Care," and covered topics such as EU Standards of CF Care, clinic cross-contamination protocols, genotyping for standardized care, and treating patients without access to essential drugs. Pre-conference workshops were added to this year's agenda covering diagnosing CF, nutrition, and physiotherapy in CF.  Over 300 delegates from the region and internationally attended and the conference was supported by 17 companies. Visit our website for MECFC 2019 presentations and abstract submissions.

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