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Qualifications for MECFA Members

You must be a clinician or allied health professional working with cystic fibrosis patients in the Middle East Region. To become a member, please fill out our membership form and submit for review by MECFA Board Members. Medical and Allied health students can become MECFA members. 


MECFA Member Countries

Armenia  Azerbaijan  Bahrain Oman  Egypt  Iran  Iraq  Jordan  Kuwait Lebanon Pakistan  Palestine  Qatar  Saudi Arabia  Syria  Turkey  UAE  Yemen,Sudan, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Lybia, Uzbekistan, Krygistan, Khazakistan, Algiers, Western Sahara, Turkministan, Tajikistan, Eritrea, Somolia, Afghanstan and .


What do you gain by becoming a MECFA Member?

  • Access to the membership area of the website, MyMECFA.

  • Access to all presentations and transcripts from MECFA Symposiums and Annual Conferences. 

  • Discount registration to MECFA classes and Annual Conference.

  • Opportunity to submit project proposals for support through the We Care Progam.

  • Opportunity to submit QI research projects for funding consideration.

How do I join the MECFA Medical and Scientific Executive Committee?


The Medical and Scientific Executive Committee are advisors who are members, nominated by the members and appointed by the standing President of the Board of Trustees. 

Each term of office is 4 years. To be considered for a position on the MSEC email to request further details.  


Member Dues

There is currently no fee to join MECFA. 

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