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  • Review the submission guidelines, presentation information and abstract-related policies. The deadline to submit an abstract to the Middle East Cystic Fibrosis Conference is October 23, 2020, at 11:59 PM in Istanbul time. 

  • Abstracts should be sent via an online abstract agent on the Conference web page (

  • English is the designated language for the Conference. Only English abstracts will be accepted

Abstract Eligibility

  • All types of Cystic Fibrosis-related research are eligible for submission.

  • Abstract should address scientific questions, detail clinical observations, or contain primary scientific data.

  • Data from the long-term follow-up of previously presented clinical trials may be submitted only if significant new information can be shown. 

  • Interim analysis of a prospective randomized clinical trial will be considered if it is performed as planned in the original protocol and is statistically valid.

  • Abstracts of clinically-related subjects should be combined into a single abstract. The submission of multiple abstracts on a single study may result in the rejection of one or more abstracts. 


  • Please make special note of the following when preparing your abstract

  • Organize the abstract according to four sections, identified by the following headers: Objective, Material and Method, Findings, and Conclusions.

  • Describe the objectives and results of the research in the abstract so that the Program Committee can evaluate the quality and completeness of the abstract. Abstracts will be judged solely on the basis of the data in the submitted abstract.

  • Do not use proprietary names in the title or body of the abstract. If necessary, you may include the proprietary name in parentheses directly after the generic name on first use in the body of the abstract.

  • Do not refer to study results or conclusions in the title of the abstract. The title should objectively describe the study. 

  • Data table, figures and illustrations or graphics can be included.

  • Do not exceed 300 words, not including spaces, for the total of your abstract title, body, and table.

  • Individuals may serve as the first author of more than one abstract.

  • Funding Source: Indicate whether the abstract was funded by a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company, a private company, a foundation, or another source. If the research is funded by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or a private company, please provide a contact person at the company.   

  • In order to successfully complete an online submission, authors will need to provide the following information:

  • First Author (Presenting Author): The full name, institution (Example: “Marmara University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Pulmonology, Istanbul, Turkey”), telephone number, and email address of the first author is required. The first author (presenting author) will receive all future correspondence from MECFC.

  • Coauthor(s): The name, institution, and email address of each coauthor. Academic degrees of coauthors are not needed.

First Author Responsibilities

  • Verify that, if necessary for the work reported, the clinical research represented in the abstract was approved by an appropriate ethics committee or institutional review board and, if appropriate to this research, informed consent was obtained for all subjects.

  • Verify that all co-authors are aware of the contents of the abstract and support its data.

  • Agree, on behalf of all authors, to transfer copyright to MECFA.

  • Agree to present the abstract if it is selected for presentation at the Conference. This includes being present during the scheduled time of an oral presentation/poster presentation session.

  • Agree that the same contact information and email address will be used for each abstract if submitting more than one abstract.

  • Identify the corresponding author. If you would like someone other than the first author to be contacted with any questions by the Program Committee, please designate within the abstract submitter. All other correspondence will be with the first author.


Presentation Types

  • Oral Abstract Sessions: Selected abstracts will be presented in an Oral Abstract Session or General Session. Oral abstract presentations will be approximately 10 minutes in length. Presenting authors should use slides to accompany their presentation. Alternate presenting authors of oral abstract sessions must be listed as Co-authors on the abstract and must identify themselves to the moderator before the start of the session.

  • Poster Sessions: Selected abstracts will be presented in poster sessions and are hung all day with scheduled discussion periods. Depending on the day of the presentation, the discussion periods will be announced. First authors should be available for daily discussion periods to informally answer questions from attendees regarding the information presented. 




  • Abstracts will be selected by the Program Committee for presentation at the Conference and for publication in the Congress Book. Each first author will receive a letter of notification via email from the Committee regarding its decision on the abstract in late November 2020. It is their responsibility to share this information with all coauthors and study sponsors. If selected for presentation, the presenting author is responsible for registering for the conference. 


  • Each first author/presenting author will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the abstract after initiating a submission and after completing a submission. The first author/presenting author will receive a letter of notification from the Program Committee regarding its decision in late November 2020.

  • Contact:  Please contact "LookUs Bilişim" at the phone number +90 216 372 66 44 or e-mail address for technical support and your questions.

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