Supporting MECFA Members

We supports innovative and collaborative MECFA Member programs focused on providing early diagnosis, optimal treatment and essential therapies for patients with

Cystic Fibrosis in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. 

We offer opportunities for MECFA members by supporting programs that lead to improved health outcomes for patients in the region. We focus on improving education among clinicians, allied health professionals, patients and families. Our programs support initiatives to provide CF essential drugs and equipment for patients through advocacy. We donate diagnostic equipment and offer genetic testing for our member countries. 

How to apply for support
Only Members of MECFA can apply for support. Please complete a Membership application if you are not already a member of MECFA. Go here

What MECFA will support;

  • Participation in education programs that include Quality Improvement projects, training of CF teams and development of CF Care Centers

  • Attendance to the Middle East CF Conference

  • Programs that open access to CF essential drugs and equipment

    • This includes support lobbying of MoH and health officials to ensure long term access for all patients. 

  • Donations of Diagnostics and specialized diagnostic training both praticle and clinical.  

  • Genetic Testing provided by the Prague University Hospital Motol in the Czech Republic. 

What MECFA Programs Will not support;


  • Salaries for clinicians and allied health professionals. 

    • We will include efforts to lobby for greater support of existing staff at partner hospitals if deemed necessary.   

  • Reconstruction/Decorations/Furniture

  • Office supplies

  • Technical Equipment 

  • Research projects 

    • MECFA offers small research grants and supports young investigators. Please email Christine at to learn more about future research opportunities.

  • Direct costs of patient care

  • Small private medication/equipment donation to individual patients

  • Costs for the establishment of CF registries​

MECFA seeks to establish CF Care Centers and interdisciplinary teams in hospitals that can ensure continuity of care and continued support for improved clinical outcomes for patients. Before applying for support all applicants should have approval from Hospital Officials and or Health Authorities participating in the program. Written agreements with partners participating in  programs will be requested if accepted for support. 

It is preferred that partner hospitals are funded by the MoH or a charitable organization. For profit hospitals are less likely to be awarded support but are encouraged to apply.  Acceptations for working with for profit hospitals will be made if the program shows patients access to care is covered under a national health program, private insurance or charitable source. 

To apply for support, please submit a program proposal and budget with the following information to 

  1. Contact details of applicant

  2. Applicants credentials 

  3. Credentials of all allied health and physicians participating in applicant’s program

  4. List publications with credentials if possible, any related CF work. 

  5. History of CF in applicant’s country

  6. History of Applicants work with CF at the programs partner hospital/clinic.

  7. Description of hospital – how is it funded? Is it private, charity or government?

  8. Summary of Program

  9. Program Description (Be specific indicating precise needs, i.e., Education, Lobbying support, donations) 

  10. Goals of the program 

  11. Activities and Timeline (Include who will be responsible for each activity, methods of carrying out the activity and start/close date of the activity)

  12. Expected Outcomes

  13. Budget

Support Zahra's run for Palestine CF patients.

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