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MECFA plays an important role in developing a network between CF health professionals, patients, and other groups affiliated with rare disease.  Our members engage in high quality medical practice treating cystic fibrosis patients, they guide research, newborn screening and data collection and work towards implementing EU and NA CF standards of care in the Middle East.  MECFA offers opportunities that help translate scientific and medical progress into the efficient delivery of effective medical care. MECFA works to develop resources that guide our members in advancing CF care in the region.


Members and patients count on MECFA to be a authoritative, independent voice in the world of CF science and medicine in the region.  Public confidence in our objectivity is critical to carrying out our mission.  We know the public relies on us to minimize actual and perceived conflicts of interest.  MECFA Executive Committee and Trustees believe MECFA must be sure its interactions meet high ethical standards.

MECFA has developed a set of policies and procedures that govern their interactions with their committees, staff, members, stakeholders, sponsors and partners.

MECFA Policies and Procedures 
MECFA Anti Discrimination Policy

MECFA Anti-Descrimination Policy

Checklist Board Practices

Checklist of good board practices

MECFA code of conduct

MECFA Code of Conduct Policy for Board and Staff

Conflict of Interest Policy

MECFA Conflict of Interest Policy

MECFA Core Governance Policy

MECFA Core Governing Policy

MECFA Standard Operating  Procedure

MECFA Standard Operating Procedure

Travel reimbursement policy

MECFA Travel Reimbursement Policy

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