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You have completed your conference registration. Please make payment for your registration with the information below. Once payment is received on account, you will be sent a letter of registration confirmation.

Thank you. 

Payment lnstructions (USD ONLY)

Wire funds to: Middle East CF Association

Bank: T. Garanti Bankasi A.s.

Bank Address: Akdeniz Mahallesi Halit Ziya Bulvarı No:36

35210 Konak - İZMİR


IBAN: TR56 0006 2000 1490 0009 0855 40

Account#: 149-9085540


Middle East Cystic Fibrosis Association

Akdeniz Mah.Cumhuriyet

Bulvarı No:95 K:6/61

Alsancak Konak-İZMİR


Do you need a visa to enter Turkey? 

Visit this site to apply for your visitor visa.


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