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Thank you!

Thank you for donationg to the Boston to Jordan Giving Breath Campaign. Your donation will ensure CF patients in Jordan have one year of breath. Congratulations ,You Gave Breath Today!

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Boston to Jordan

Let’s do this together.
from Prof. Ahmet Uluer

In July of 2023, Ahmet Uluer (pulmonologist), Lena Joseph (nurse), Carolyn Snell (psychologist), Eleni Moulis (physical therapist) and Laura Truex (dietitian), part of the Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Center, are traveling to Jordan to begin a 2 year Quality Improvement program. Our aim is to organize and help establish formal CF centers in Jordan to better address the needs of their CF community.
Our CF Center is part of an International Mentoring Training Initiative (IMTI), sponsored by the CF Foundation, with the goal of mentoring local group of multidisciplinary providers from low and middle income countries (LMICs) to become mentors themselves and offer guidance to other providers in their own country and region. 
We are joined by several other critical team members, including Noor El-Shaar, our patient partner and an advocate for people with CF locally, in the middle east, and everywhere, and who has a strong connection to this region as a member of the Syrian community. She will not be traveling with us but our mission would not be possible without her help and support. We are also being joined in person by Fadi Asfour and Samah Awad (pediatric pulmonologists from the University of Utah and Arkansas, respectively) as well as Ala ShaikhKhalil (pediatric gastroenterologist from Nationwide Children’s Hospital). 
In addition to our Quality Improvement work, we will be participating in a MECFA hosted (co-sponsor of our trip with CFF) family conference on July 9th, themed "Road Map To Care." This conference will focus on teaching families how to manage CF at home and where they can turn for support within Jordan. 
During the family event  we hope to donate  Omron C8 compressor/nebulizer and 1 years supply of essential accessories to patients. Currently the government does not provide nebulizers to patients and many families cannot afford to purchase out of pocket.

With appreciation to Andrew Kurban, a parent of a CF community member and generous philanthropist, we have launched this fundraiser with the help of MECFA to purchase nebulizers and accessories for 424 registered patients in Jordan. Please consider donating and give the gift of breath to CF patients in Jordan.
100% of donations will go directly to the purchase of compressor/nebulizers and accessories.  
Thank you for your support,

Ahmet, Laura, Eleni, Lena and Carolyn


Please contact us if you have any questions about your donation.

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