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MECFC 2018

2nd Annual Middle East

Cystic Fibrosis Conference

Izmir, Turkey

March 22nd, 23rd and 24th

MECFC 2018 in the News

March 22

Challenges of CF Management in the Middle East: Introduction to MECFA

Adel Alharbi, KSA

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Introduction, progress, current program and opportunities for collaboration.       

Preston Campbell, USA

The European CF Society – Introduction, progress, current programs and opportunities for collaboration.         

Isabelle Fajac, France

Establishing CF Centers, Standards and Challenges.  

Samya Nasr, USA

Managing CF Centers and Care Teams: The roles of Clinicians and Allied health

Ann Raman, Belgium (CF Nurse Specialist)

The role of registries in CF Care,

Deniz Dogru, Turkey

The History of CF In Turkey,

Elif Dagli, Turkey

CF in Jordan, Present and Challenges,

Ehsan Aljundi, Jordan

Experience of CF in Oman – recent data overview

Sumaya Al Oraimi, Oman

Pro and Con debate

Staph Aureus infection: do we need prophylaxis?

Bulent Karadag (Turkey) and Basil Elnazir (UAE)

Pro and Con debate II

Nontuberculous Mycobacteria: pathogens or innocent bystanders?

Yazan Said (Jordan) and Hussein Al-Kindy (Oman)

Pseudomonas infection – Detection, approach and management  

Samya Nasr, USA  

Current and future assessment of respiratory function in CF

Isabelle Fajac, France

March 23

Clinical experience of CFTR modulation and New Therapies in the Pipeline

Samya Nasr, USA

A Time for Optimism

Preston Campbell, USA

Research and Clinical Trials – Middle East road blocks and potential

Ibrahim Janahi, Qatar

Social challenges of CF in Palestine: Perspective of a CF parent (comparison between CF care in France and Palestine)

Veronique Bontemps, France

Standards of care: newborn screening

Managing lung disease

End of life care

Psychosocial support

Ann Raman

Genetics of CF in the Middle East

Milan Macek, Czech Republic

Nutrition in CF: Needs through different age groups

Dimitri Declercq, Belgium

Cost of illness analyses in cystic fibrosis

Milan Macek, Czech Republic

Middle East CF Community – Introduction to active groups in the region

Saudi CF Group – Patient and family Association – Saudi Arabia

Sharifa Ali Assiry

KIFDER – Patient and family Association – Turkey

İlknur Gorgun

March 24

Lean CF care (cost effective care and less trouble for the patient)

Harry Heijerman, Netherlands

Transition Intro Adult Care in CF patients

Yazan Said, Jordan

Organoids, the road to personalized and optimal care for patients with Cystic Fibrosis.

Harry Heijerman, Netherlands


CF grand rounds: Interesting/Challenging Cases

Gökçen Kartal Öztürk      Pınar Ergenekon

Tuğba Ramaslı Gürsoy    Sanem Eşref

Honorary International Speakers 
Honorary Regional Speakers