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Pharmac funds new cystic fibrosis medicine

New treatment for cystic fibrosis is on the horizon, one that will help young children suffering from the disorder digest their food more easily.

Government drug-buying agency Pharmac announced on Saturday the drug Creon Micro will be available from Monday.

Pharmac says it could benefit about 60 Kiwis suffering from cystic fibrosis - a rare disorder that damages the digestive system and lungs.

Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand chief executive Jane Bollard said in a statement the medication will mean a happier baby and family.

"The first years following diagnosis of cystic fibrosis are a stressful time for new parents and anything that can ease the load on families and whānau is most welcome."

It comes after Pharmac announced the funding of another cystic fibrosis drug called Kalydeco earlier this year - which makes those with with the condition more resilient to sickness.

Eddie Porter, whose young son has cystic fibrosis, told RNZ's Checkpoint in January the introduction of Kalydeco offered hope for other medicines to be funded.

"The life expectancy as it stands in New Zealand for someone [with cystic fibrosis] is 37 years, and the sky's the limit for people on Kalydeco."

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