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Philip Hopewell Prize for Global Respiratory Health Research

We are delighted to announce the 2024 winner of The Philip Hopewell Prize for Global Respiratory Health Research. Congratulations to Dr. Bülent Karadağ! This prestigious award recognizes Dr. Karadag's work and its impacts in his local community and far beyond its borders, ensuring that advancements in respiratory health care benefit patients worldwide.


Prof. Dr. Bulent Karadag is a distinguished figure in pediatric pulmonology, renowned for his contributions to respiratory health locally and internationally. Leading the Division of Pediatric Pulmonology and the CF Centre at Marmara University, he conducts groundbreaking research on cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, and asthma. His influence extends globally, shaping standards in respiratory care through leadership roles in international societies.

“I am so proud to win the honorable Philip Hopewell Prize 2024. Since 2000, I have been working for improving the healthcare standards in Pediatric Pulmonology not only in Türkiye, but in the MiddleEast as well. This award will increase motivation of me and my team to work harder and create opportunities to young scientists.”

Dr. Bülent Karadağ

About The Philip Hopewell Prize: The Philip Hopewell Prize for Global Respiratory Health Research is designed to recognize mid-career investigators in low- and middle-income countries who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to clinical and research excellence. This commitment is exemplified by their published research in peer-reviewed journals and their dedicated contributions to global health policy.

Objective: The primary aim of this award is to empower and support these deserving individuals on their path to becoming established leaders in Global Respiratory Health. Through a comprehensive program of longitudinal support, including professional development, networking opportunities, and mentorship, we intend to catalyze their impact on respiratory health worldwide.


  • Mid-career investigators in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Demonstrated commitment to clinical and research excellence in the field of respiratory health, with a record of published research in peer-reviewed journals.

  • A strong dedication to advancing global health policy.

Award Package for the Awardee: The recipient of The Philip Hopewell Prize will enjoy the following benefits for three years starting in 2024:

  • Conference Registration

  • Conference Travel Support

  • Support for Education Development

  • Waived Publication Fee for ATS Journals: One-time waiver of publication fees for one of the ATS journals.

Total Award Value: The cumulative value of the award for each year is $3,340, and over three years, the total award value amounts to $10,020.

The Philip Hopewell Prize for Leaders in Global Respiratory Health stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing respiratory health worldwide. Join us in celebrating Dr. Philip Hopewell's legacy and supporting the future leaders who will shape the field.

For inquiries and further information, please contact Jadir Oliveira.


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