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Callion Pharma sponsors MECFA website

​Callion Pharma announces support for the Middle East CF Association new website. Callion Pharma are the makers of DEKAs® line of nutritional supplements, the next generation of multivitamin and mineral dietary supplements for enhanced absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and other micronutrients.

DEKAs products utilize a delivery technology that helps patients overcome micronutrient malabsorption and lead healthier lives.

Konstantinos (Gus) Papas, MD, MPH, President of Callion Pharma, has led the effort to develop the advanced dietary supplements and noted that “DEKAs Plus Softgels, DEKAs Plus Liquid, and DEKAs Essential Capsules are formulated to provide the next generation of nutritional supplements for people who need help absorbing fat-soluble vitamins such as those with pancreatic or biliary insufficiency.”

DEKAs Plus softgels is a multivitamin and mineral supplement intended for children and adults.

DEKAs Plus Liquid is a multivitamin and mineral supplement intended for infants and young children.

DEKAs Essential Capsules is a supplement for children and adults that allows for scaled dosing of higher daily amounts of the fat-soluble vitamins D, E, K and A.

Callion Pharma’s management team has decades of formulation and clinical research experience helping patients overcome micronutrient malabsorption.

DEKAs Plus and DEKAs Essential products are expected to become available in November 2015 and will be distributed by Callion Pharma.

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