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Give Breath. Give Life.

Every day all over the world CF patients use their nebulizers for inhalation therapy that helps them breathe and live healthier. Nebulizers are used to inhale life-saving antibiotics and airway clearance therapies. Without nebulizers, patients have little chance of fighting deadly infections and maintaining healthy lung function.​

In the Middle East region, hundreds of children do not have access to a CF specific nebulizer which leads to a higher frequency of lung infections and poor lung function. They are struggling for every breath they take.

With hundreds of CF patients in the Middle East struggling for breath every day, it is critical to raise awareness, raise funds, and give breath!

The Giving Breath Campaign raises funds to purchase PARI Turboboy SX nebulizers for CF patients in the MENA and Central Asia region. We turn your contribution into a gift of breath for CF patients in need.

We are grateful for all the support we have received to date. A special thanks to PARI for their contribution to the Giving Breath Campaign. Through their generous support we can provide CF gold standard nebulizers for patients in need.

When you join The Giving Breath Campaign, you help girls and boys living with cystic fibrosis breathe and live healthier, happier lives.

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